Hi everyone!

This is an introductory, so you can see who we are, and what we’re about. We are a campaign aiming to change attitudes towards refugees and asylum seekers in Sydney. We want to show how amazing and diverse our community can be with a little bit of love and inclusivity. There are a number of amazing organisations and individuals working towards this cause, so we thought we would start off with a list of amazing people and organisations you could check out (just to get you started!)

1. Julian Burnside

Julian Burnside is a QC, barrister and human rights and refugee advocate. He a number of great posts on his website, with legal information about how to help refugees, and a list of suggestions for writing effective letters to federal politicians.

2. The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre is one of the largest organisations running in Australia to help refugees by providing them access to housing, food and job seeking skills. There are also options available on their website to register your interest as a volunteer, donate or simply attend one of their amazing information evenings.

3. Mums 4 Refugees 

Mums 4 Refugees is an non-profit organisation run by a group of mothers from all different social, political and cultural backgrounds, who are raising awareness about the mental health of children and families in offshore detention facilities. They provide a number of excellent services, such as detention centre visits and conducting donation drives.

4. House of Welcome

House of Welcome are another amazing non-profit organisation who provide housing, TVPs (temporary protection visas) and help refugees settle into the community. They also provide important access to a food bank and drop in centre for refugees who have just arrived in NSW, and have no access to any other facilities. They have helped hundreds of families and individuals find access to safe housing and start to get involved with their new neighbourhoods and communities.


Hopefully this will be a good place for you all to begin exploring a number of organisations and individuals with similar goals to us. Remember- compassion and an open mind are key!



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