‘Welcome Home’- Dave Dobbyn

A song I’ve been listening to a lot whilst working on my cause is the song ‘Welcome Home’ by New Zealand singer songwriter Dave Dobbyn, who was originally a part of the rock group ‘Th’ Dudes.’ This song is a touching dedication to refugees and asylum seekers who have relocated to a foreign place, overcoming all odds to be there. Lyrics include ‘You have sacrificed much to be here
There but for grace as I offer my hand
Welcome home, I bid you welcome, I bid you welcome
Welcome home from the bottom of my heart’

This is a message at odds to the current discourse surrounding refugees, and is a touching reminder that many are not relocating to Australia out of the simple desire to repatriate, but have a genuine threat to their family’s life, and have to flee purely to survive.

In the film clip, Dave can be seen walking the streets of New Zealand, with shots of diverse individuals from all over the world who have relocated to New Zealand t0 start their new life. I have included some screenshots here (excuse the bluriness, I screenshotted them from Youtube!):



This is a great representation of the way that a community can be enriched by diversity and inclusivity. It shows refugees and individuals from all corners of the world engaging in life in New Zealand, and helping to grow the community through work and religious diversity. The film clip shows children in schools, dancers and baristas- individuals of all ages and walks of life being a part of a rich and diverse community. The refrain of ‘welcome home’ echoes throughout the clip, and reminds us that when people flee from war torn countries that we must welcome them with open arms into the community, and encourage everyone to engage. The full song and film clip can be found here, and I strongly recommend you watch and listen! This song was released in 2005, but I believe the sentiment and message are more relevant now than ever.



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