Trivia Time! How much do Australians really know about refugees?

In a world of misinformed opinions, widespread coverage of right wing populist ideas (think Pauline Hanson, think Donald Trump) and a disturbing trend towards the misrepresentation of statistics and evidence to push political agendas. How much do Australians really know about refugees? In polls undertaken by Monash University in 2015, when asked how many refugees Australia… Continue reading Trivia Time! How much do Australians really know about refugees?

Refugee Welcome Zones- Tell your local council!

How many times have you been out the front of a cafe or bar, and seen a little sticker stating pleasantly “refugees welcome”? or the comforting familiarity of the rainbow sticker showing that all Australians are also welcome? These are small details that most would not even notice, but for some people it makes a… Continue reading Refugee Welcome Zones- Tell your local council!

The ethical side of Twitter

When you think of ‘fair and equitable dialogue about refugees’ let’s be real, Twitter is not the first website you think of. Akin to medieval stocks in which individuals are shackled and have rotten fruit thrown at them, Twitter can sometimes be a breeding ground for insults, rude comments and generally.. the worst of the… Continue reading The ethical side of Twitter

Podcasts (best of)- refugee crisis

One of the best things to come out of having our own portable handheld devices constantly on hand is easy access to podcasts from all across the globe. No matter your interests, age or location, it’s virtually guaranteed that there will be some sort of podcast to pique your interest. My personal favourite are economics and politics… Continue reading Podcasts (best of)- refugee crisis

Lush, Ben & Jerry’s & Corporate Activism

Corporate slogans and tag-lines often come across at best entertaining, and at worst insincere and irritating. It’s not often that a company (particularly a successful, global and wealthy corporation) will come out with any sort of marketing scheme that says something important, something controversial and something that may affect people’s decision to purchase from them. Which… Continue reading Lush, Ben & Jerry’s & Corporate Activism

Parliament on King: Interview with Ravi Prasad

Parliament on King is a homely, comfortable cafe. Coffee is served in vintage mugs and there are shelves upon shelves of all manner of books for patrons to enjoy. People seem completely relaxed in the environment, reclining with laptops or chatting for hours as if in their own homes. However, the cosy interior is also… Continue reading Parliament on King: Interview with Ravi Prasad