Refugee Welcome Zones- Tell your local council!

How many times have you been out the front of a cafe or bar, and seen a little sticker stating pleasantly “refugees welcome”? or the comforting familiarity of the rainbow sticker showing that all Australians are also welcome? These are small details that most would not even notice, but for some people it makes a… Continue reading Refugee Welcome Zones- Tell your local council!

Links..Refugees in contemporary art

Going off the success of our previous post featuring refugee fiction, specifically a set of poems , I have decided to do another ~creativity~ based post. But this time, with a focus on contemporary art surrounding the refugee crisis, and art produced by refugees. As Zadie Smith writes in her novel White Teeth; “It makes an… Continue reading Links..Refugees in contemporary art

Saturday Links: Poetry and Fiction Edition

One of the best ways to create empathy and understanding towards different groups in society is through the power of storytelling, narrative and fiction. Once someone is able to see something from another perspective and is able to grasp a fraction of the emotions and motivation involved in a situation, then compassion and sympathy can… Continue reading Saturday Links: Poetry and Fiction Edition

Interview with Beyond the Fabric

Through the magic of the Internet I learnt of an a fantastic organisation called Beyond The Fabric. This organisation empowers a group of female refugees in Indonesia by selling beautiful handmade pants sewed and designed by these women, and $12.00 from each pair of pants (most retail for around $25.00) goes directly towards the women who created them, whilst… Continue reading Interview with Beyond the Fabric

Podcasts (best of)- refugee crisis

One of the best things to come out of having our own portable handheld devices constantly on hand is easy access to podcasts from all across the globe. No matter your interests, age or location, it’s virtually guaranteed that there will be some sort of podcast to pique your interest. My personal favourite are economics and politics… Continue reading Podcasts (best of)- refugee crisis

Interview with Dulce Carolina Muñoz Garcia, Social Marketing Convenor of Mums 4 Refugees

On a cold and rainy morning in Lilyfield, I sat down in a local cafe to chat to the inspiring Dulce (and her adorable daughter) about the amazing non-profit and activist organisation Mums 4 Refugees. Mums 4 Refugees is an organisation of mothers of all social and cultural backgrounds that aims to advocate for refugees… Continue reading Interview with Dulce Carolina Muñoz Garcia, Social Marketing Convenor of Mums 4 Refugees

‘Welcome Home’- Dave Dobbyn

A song I’ve been listening to a lot whilst working on my cause is the song ‘Welcome Home’ by New Zealand singer songwriter Dave Dobbyn, who was originally a part of the rock group ‘Th’ Dudes.’ This song is a touching dedication to refugees and asylum seekers who have relocated to a foreign place, overcoming all… Continue reading ‘Welcome Home’- Dave Dobbyn